Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome to my little corner

Just the pick of the litter, I decided to put out a few things for sale
that I come up with
for the simple yet stylish girl or woman to wear. Everything I create is hand made and sewn by me 
and I put everything into what I make. Whether it looks simple or on the detailed
and most intricate design, it's all though out from the start and finish. 
 I hope you like and feel free to send me any comments, questions though at the moment
I do not do custom orders. 

What I put out is what's for sale so keep in mind that there is not one 
that will be alike or the same unless I decide to. If you do not see a price for anything,
don't hesitate to ask and I shall give you one.

The Newest tab above is where I'll post the  newest items for sale :) 
I'm constantly working on new items so I'll try and post new items daily/weekly.