About Me!

I mainly came from a family of talented people. My mother and father were professional Flamenco dancers in Mexico and Texas from when they were kids to young adults. My grandmother was an amazing seamstress and always made my costumes, dresses, clothes and what not and I adored everything she made. My brother is this spectacular and amazing graphic artist who creates such detailed and wonderful art who also draws like no one's business!
So I picked up all those talents and I started dancing, singing, sewing and even doing photography and some creative writing. On my spare time I do cosplay costume and even attend comic cons as a fan group with a few friends of mine who have a indie cosplay business.

I also got into film making and love to do short infdie films while I'm  not sewing. It such a stress reliever and when someone comments on ANY art you have done, you feel awesome and accomplished!!
I live in Texas and I attend fashion school for Fashion Merchandising and will graduate in one year.
I hope you enjoy my designs :)

A few cosplays I have done for myself and others as well as a few bikinis....

Steampunk & Lenne (FFX)
Dark Steampunk, Shadow Dancer

Steampunk Pheobe

Navy Sailor by my for Bikini Colada Swimwear

Classic Sailor for BC Swimwear

Fabulous Miami for BC Swimwear